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Safety and Risk Management

As a security expert, the number of times throughout your career have you heard, “but you do not have any building or upstream O&G experience”? Well here’s my handle that!

The safety profession is everything about handling risks. All markets (i.e. Petroleum refining, upstream or downstream, chemical plants or building), security professionals must establish and carry out a culture that drives staff members to examine and examine all dangers associated with each and every job task. Some suggested methods utilized to manage dangers are: Job Safety Analysis (JSAs), Task Danger Analysis (JHAs) and Threat Assessments (RAs). All of the pointed out methods of risk management are developed to recognize dangers and then present control methods (engineering or administrative), to remove or lesson the degree of the danger to an appropriate level.

Identification or assessment of threats is a basic element in the tool kit of every security professional. All markets have inherent hazards, some unique to specific markets and some prevail to all markets. Therefore, safety specialists ought to have the ability to walk into any market, dig in his/her tool kit and use the standard concepts of safety and risk management.

Another coworker of mine advised me that a couple of essential aspects need to come into play. The safety expert needs to get management dedication and buy-in from the staff members. As soon as this is attained, it refers training managers and workers on the various techniques of risk management. When everyone is trained, then risk assessments need to end up being an every day work practice. It needs to become part of the license system which in turn will drive threat assessment. The outcome from this daily activity will promote a culture of proactivity.